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A Personal Military Odyssey of Resilience


In my bestselling work, A Soldier Against All Odds, I delve into a rich tapestry of personal failures, fiascos, and embarrassments from my extensive 31-year military career. As a best-selling author, I transparently distinguish between what I consider my own shortcomings and those beyond my control.

The irony of my journey lies in the fact that, despite struggling with first-grade English and being labeled as learning disabled, I've managed to carve out success as a best-selling author. The painful process of reading and writing has persisted throughout my life, fostering a deliberate pace that, in hindsight, may have contributed to both challenges and the development of a distinctive persona in the Army.

Had I been "normal," the unique narrative you can now read or listen to might not exist. Even my mother urged me to conform, pleading for normalcy, to which I responded, "All I know how to be is me." My setbacks include narrowly avoiding expulsion from the Army on three occasions since enlisting at 17, encounters with law enforcement, federal investigations, a literal plunge into a cesspool at night, and numerous reprimands along the way.

Amidst these trials, a beacon of strength was my remarkable father, instilling in me an indomitable spirit. His life mantra, "sink or swim," echoed a resounding call to persist through life's challenges. To concerned parents, my advice is to permit your children to experience failure, viewing it as a pathway to growth. Encourage them not to quit endeavors they've committed to, whether it be a sports team, a school course, or a training event. This approach, paired with a never-quit attitude, can foster resilience and a valuable sense of self.

Wishing you peace,


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