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Jason Pike

"I have been neck-deep in shit
and almost drowned, literally,
but I got out; you can too!"

- Jason Pike

My Mission

To help others persevere and find the strength to face adversity, fear, and hope.


To inspire others to make each day count, 

do something special and significant each and every day. 


To spread hope, and encouragement to anyone going through tough times.

Jason Pike

Meet Jason

A decorated combat veteran with multiple deployments, Lieutenant Colonel Jason Pike, served 31 years in the United States Army as both an enlisted and officer, including nine years overseas in five countries. His passion is to tell stories in his book/audiobook, A Soldier Against All Odds. Jason earned over 30 service awards & badges and survived a wicked amount of Military training. This book consolidates his work into a format for easy digestion by the average reader. His diversity of Army jobs, assignments, and schools from age 17 to 48 sets this military memoir up differently than most. His ups and downs of a life in uniform will captivate you. 


Jason’s brutal honesty on how he did it while disclosing many sacred secrets about how he survived is unique. The author also speaks to you from his heart in the audiobook on how and why things happened and the aftermath of a chaotic career in uniform. After listening to or reading this memoir, you will come away thinking, “I never seen the like.”

Jason Pike

"You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them."

- Maya Angelo

Jason Pike

A Solider Against All Odds

I AM A SOLDIER AGAINST ALL ODDS, and what follows is a genuine and frank account—the good, the very bad, and the very ugly—of my thirty-one years in uniform. Diagnosed at age seven with an acute learning disability and failing first grade that year, I was sent back to repeat it. At age nine, I was diagnosed with osteomyelitis, a crippling bone disease dissolving the bone of my knee that added to my academic challenges and a significant physical disadvantage.


My military career began when I signed up with the National Guard at age seventeen. I continued through more than three decades of national guard and active service to retire at the rank of lieutenant colonel. I was told that none of it would be possible, and there were undoubtedly excellent grounds for that advice. I was not college bound, plain and simple. My story, therefore, is one of perseverance, and a refusal to quit, no matter what, a characteristic gifted to me by my father. Once I did it, everyone asked, “how the hell did you do it?” And many times, I asked myself the same question.

A Solider Against All Odds
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